The problem with tech interviews today

Let’s be honest. Interviews really suck. They make you anxious and sweaty and a little obsessive. For most people, nothing about walking into a meeting knowing the sole purpose of it is to assess you is a comfortable feeling. It’s worse if you’re broke and really need the job. It’s worse if you’re black, or disabled, or maybe a hijab-wearing Muslim woman. The anxiety is worsened by thoughts of bias, racism, and sexism.

And if you’re a developer, interviews can be Dante’s tenth circle of hell. …

A big part of migrating over from one framework to another is the in-between state. It’s never as simple as flipping a switch — and you might find yourself, like us, juggling two different systems in the same application.

At work, moving from Backbone to React has presented a few challenges: from managing state and nested routers to sharing components and partial templates. While it’s been easy to build new functionality in React, we wanted to be able to use some of our newer (React) components in older (Backbone) views of our application. Luckily, the react-dom package makes this simpler…

My team has been hard at work for the last few months rewriting and modernizing a key area of our product; we made the leap from a growing hodgepodge featuring Backbone.js, Bootstrap, and RequireJS to a modern React/Redux application leveraging webpack, Material-UI, and redux-orm.

It’s been a pretty steep (but fun) learning curve and we’ve tackled it with a lot of grace, kindness, and an eagerness to hold the bar high. Along the way, I found myself asking and being asked quite often, “are there any examples for how I’d go about testing x?” …

An Intro to Web Accessibility

A few years ago, when I was a student in university, I met a candidate running for student body president who had a disability that required her to be in a wheelchair. Her platform had a strong accessibility focus and she spoke animatedly about creating a university experience that supported marginalized minorities.

As part of her campaign, her team decorated our campus with enormous orange pylons: in front of every door, every entrance, every staircase that wasn’t accessible to her in her wheelchair. The orange flurry took me by surprise. It was one of those acutely obvious (and humbling) “oh”

Sheri Soliman

Senior Software Developer @ Shopify

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